CCH Funding Announcement

The Center of Excellence to Align Health and Social Care (COE) at USAging will award two-year grants to support innovation and infrastructure costs for up to 20 community care hubs (CCHs). This funding opportunity is provided by the COE in partial fulfillment of a cooperative agreement between the Administration for Community Living (ACL) and USAging. 

THANK YOU to all individuals and organizations that participated in the COE Grant information and application process. The application window is now closed! All complete applications from eligible organizations received before the deadline are currently under review.

An awards announcement will be posted to the COE webpage in mid-May.

The following details and downloads from the application process will remain available on this page through at least April 15, 2024. At that point, this page and the downloadable documents will be archived.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP): To review the RFP, click here.


  • Budget template: To download the budget template (required), click here. You will be required to upload your completed budget during the application process (see Step 2 below).
  • Work Plan template: To download the work plan template (required), click here. You will be required to upload your completed work plan during the application process (see Step 2 below).
  • Application Forms: The application for this funding opportunity consists of eight required online forms. Potential applicants can access these forms through Submittable, USAging’s online submission platform. All applications must be submitted through this platform and all eight forms are required. 
    • STEP 1: 
      • Initial Application Form and Notice of Intent to Apply: Organizations intending to apply must create a Submittable account (or sign-in with an existing one) and complete the initial form – COE Infrastructure Funding Opportunity: Basic Information and Intent to Apply on USAging’s online submission platform. This is the first step in the application process and is required in order to access the remaining seven application forms (see Step 2).
      • A guide to completing this initial information and notice of intent form is available.  
      • To assist the COE staff in planning for the application review process, potential applicants are requested (but not required) to complete this form by March 8, 2024.
    • STEP 2:
      • Additional Application Forms: All seven remaining forms will be assigned by the COE and made available in your account on Submittable within 48 hours of completing the Initial Form and Notice of Intent to Apply (see Step 1 above). You can view the remaining forms (once assigned) by logging into your Submittable account and clicking on the title of your submission. A clipboard icon will appear on the far right of your submission, indicating there are additional forms available. These remaining forms will appear in alphabetical order. While we encourage applicants to complete these forms in the order that works best for you, a recommended sequence is provided in the Applicant Guide (see below). For assistance locating additional forms on Submittable, click here.
      • An Applicant Guide to the seven additional forms is available for download. This guide previews all questions and tables on these seven forms and provides additional information that may be helpful to potential applicants. 


    • Deadline: All applicants must complete all eight forms prior to the application deadline, April 5, 2024 at 5:00 pm (Eastern Time). 
    • An Information Call for interested parties, was held on February 26, 2024.
      • To view the recording, click here
      • A call transcript is also posted here
      • The slide deck is posted here
    • NEW!!! The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document was updated today, March 29, 2024. Newly added questions and responses have been highlighted and loaded at the end of the relevant section of the FAQs. Questions may have been combined or rephrased as determined appropriate by the COE. We remind potential applicants that the cut-off for questions was March 25, 2024. As a result, this is the final version of the FAQs.
    • Technical Questions regarding Submittable? Please check out the Submitter Resource Center and contact Submittable’s Customer Support team for all Submittable technical assistance needs.