This online resource hub, developed and operated by the Center of Excellence to Align Health and Social Care (COE), supports the development and expansion of Community Care Hubs (CCHs) by providing:

  • Information and support for CCHs through COE funding, training and technical assistance 
  • Resources, education and technical assistance for CCHs, health care sector partners and other aging, disability, social care and public health professionals
  • Learning opportunities to support CCH development and collaboration

What is a Community Care Hub?

A Community Care Hub (CCH or “hub”) is a community-centered entity that organizes and supports a network of community-based organizations providing services to address health-related social needs. CCHs play a key role in centralizing administrative functions and building operational infrastructure while creating trusted relationships with both local community-based and healthcare organizations. CCHs are leaders in their communities, working to foster cross-sector collaborations that practice community governance with authentic local voices.

Why CCHs Matter

80% of health care costs come from unaddressed health related social needs (HRSNs). CCHs are helping community-based organizations address those needs through contracts with health care organizations.